The 2nd part of the series 10 years ahead is there with you guys, first past was published 2-3 days ago. So, if we talk about some of the aspects of human mindset, development and efficiency are some of the basic aspects which is always considered vital. Today exciting future only regarding the land transport would be discussed .

It is said that cars are quite important for our everyday life but those so called transportation vehicles which run on diesel or petrol are very harmful for our environment. As you can see due to corona outbreak, various countries have switched to lockdowns and hence has stopped any movement of the vehicles. In India, after many years Himalayas have become visible from hundreds of kilometres as the air has become cleaner. Moreover, the Ganges have become transparent rapidly. This is the time when there can be change in the positions of pre-dominant industries as the economy has seen a seen drastic change, though it is negative but this gives any opportunity to new sort of technologies. So, electric cars have to be there as they work on renewable sources of energy and hence they they are pollution free. Companies like Tesla have the true potential to do that as the cars of Tesla are able to give better performance than the cars which are more than 10 times costlier than them. Moreover, they are self driven cars and have less maintenance cost than other cars and they are equipped with cool features too.

Recently,Tesla truck has been launched and that truck is more powerful than the corresponding ford trucks. Moreover, prior to being manufactured, bookings of worth billions of dollars have been done. Apart from that in heavy duty transport systems, Tesla has designed trucks named as semi-tesla which are way more powerful and cost efficient. Tesla will make a significant impact in many countries and hence will bring an age of electric cars.

Hyperloop concept will also have a significant impact in the coming yeas. In short it is a railways system which works on the concept of vacuum and can attain speeds more than 1000Km/h. It was started even less than 8 years of past and has made a great base for it future and surely is going to rock.

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I am a keen observer and a reader of novels,self-help books,tech stuffs and journals.It was my wish from 7th standard that i should write articles or any fascinating thing that should leave me and my readers engrossed in what is being written and read respectively.So,i got my shot.I came to know about blog writing on wordpress.So,now am here with you with full zeal and enthusiasm.

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