Everybody wants to be cool, isn’t it. Being cool is awesome like anything, and people have not left any stone unturned for their desire of coolness, not even the facts of ancient scriptures. The quest for sheer knowledge on the foundation of evidence where nothing is taken into consideration till the time it is not proofed has taken a steep rise. Many people feel immense proud in becoming atheists, they try to promote and brag the idea of not believing in God and thus are immersed in their world of reason and logic.

Ancient aliens, a program which focuses on the evidence of alien visits to earth. Yes, i fully support them regarding various evidences regarding aliens. Instead my belief of alien existence is even more certain than those experts. Our planet is nothing when compared to the vast size of this universe. Our species has left human footprints only on moon and that too after spending billions of dollars with best of the people. We cannot even reach the nearest of our stars after sun that is proxima centauri after travelling thousands of years if we try. There are trillions of stars with billions of solar systems or even more. And here we cannot even question the idea of alien existence. But the point is that ancient alien channel confused aliens with Gods. Gods are our creators, way more powerful than we can ever imagine. Modern people always tie up aliens with advance technology and now they have tied Gods too. Yes, though Gods do not always live on earthly planes, they may have some characteristics which we perceive that of aliens, but we can’t call them aliens.

Moreover, i respect scientists and researchers as those people play a major role in the contributions made to society in the field of inventions and other aspects. One of those aspects is big bang theory but this theory is bullshit. In short, this theory states that the origin of universe took place from a very small particle explosion. Theories are also on how life persists, some sort of methane, ammonia and similar gases setup required. But from where does the the oneness of feel come to us in our body. The feeling of existence which comes to us. Nobody talks about the souls, what does happen to us after our death. Somebody should throw some light on various incidents and places in India and various other parts of the world where spirits tell you everything about you, sometimes also about your future. They are something which are timeless. The Puranas, Vedas and Shastaras tell us almost everything. From origin of universe to what will happen and in what way. The world of Gods is a place where the value of words is immense.

As far as science and technology is concerned, it is great. But cherishing the idea of modern world does not mean to propose contradictory theories solely based on experiments. These days the researches are of some decades due to age limitation factor but in the ancient period Rishis used to have ages of thousands or millions of years which made their experience far more than ours.

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I am a keen observer and a reader of novels,self-help books,tech stuffs and journals.It was my wish from 7th standard that i should write articles or any fascinating thing that should leave me and my readers engrossed in what is being written and read respectively.So,i got my shot.I came to know about blog writing on wordpress.So,now am here with you with full zeal and enthusiasm.

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