Technology is increasing like anything. In sciences and technical fields always grow exponentially. One filed gives birth to other fields and open more opportunities for remaining fields. It is good.

But in one case it causes confusion among people. Students who are opting for various optional subjects get confused which field to choose from. There are fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, full stack development, mean stack development, game development, data science, software testing, cyber security and so on. Each of these has different levels of excitement levels, hard work, future, scope, interest, and so on.

Many things confuse people. Like deciding carrier, choosing one of best parties from all ineffective parties in elections, learning which language in computer, choosing what thing to do for dental care and so on. Many things these days have become bloody confusing. Only thing which was not confusing was watching tom and jerry before android smartphones revolution. We used to wait only for tom and jerry.

Published by pioneerclub

I am a keen observer and a reader of novels,self-help books,tech stuffs and journals.It was my wish from 7th standard that i should write articles or any fascinating thing that should leave me and my readers engrossed in what is being written and read respectively.So,i got my shot.I came to know about blog writing on wordpress.So,now am here with you with full zeal and enthusiasm.

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